Kevin Healey, a British Citizen BCAv, and High Representative International Human Rights (IHRF), Author, Charity founder, Autism Campaigner

Here's what people say.....

"Kevin is such an amazing person who has a big heart who has helped so many people in many different ways. So happy to know this hard working and lovely soul . Keep up the good work kevin as you make a difference in this world xxx"- Nichola Mcghee

"Kevin helped me gain the tools i needed to help my son get the help he needed within school and gave me some valuable information to help me get my boy his diagnoses an medication, without Kevin's help i would of this very difficult his videos and personal messages were amazing and will help me help my youngest has the embarks on his journey of the ADHD path thanks again kevin keep it up you are amazing".- Debbie McGhough

”This man is a blessing to people who have no voice to autism.I am pleased to say that Kevin is a friend'.- Chris Hampton

”Kevin works tiresly on matters that are critical in today's society. He is never one to shy away when the world needs to be told the truth; he is a community leader and pioneer for real change for all".- Janet Willcott

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